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Carrum Downs Shopping Centre prides itself on facilitating a great shopping experience for our local community. With a large, open plan Centre layout and extensive car parking space, Carrum Downs is the perfect place to get what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you prefer a slower pace, or require easy access, Carrum Downs is the perfect place to explore all the big name stores such as Kmart and Cheap As Chips.

We give back to our local community with events regularly being held at the centre, adding to the experience of shopping at Carrum Downs Shopping Centre.

If you are looking for a Casual Leasing opportunity, Carrum Downs Shopping Centre is a viable option. With extensive foot traffic from a booming local suburb and growth area, you are certain to get the exposure you need with Woolworths and Kmart corner stoning either end of the centre layout

We have introduced the MLAK key system for our disability toilet. This key in an innovative system that allows access to toilets for people with disabilities. The use of the MLAK key will help ensure that the accessible toilet and the equipment within remain in safe condition for people with disabilities.
To be eligible for an MLAK key you must have a disability validated by:

  • Doctor
  • Disability Organisation
  • Community Health Centre
  • Letter from your local COUNCIL if you have already been granted a Disability Parking Permit

*please confer with the above organistions to order your MLAK key or follow instructions via this link

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